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Essential Oil 101: Everything To Know
About Our All-Natural Extract Oils

Overview of Essential Oils

Ever wondered what essential oils are? Read on about these plant-powered extracts, how they’re made, how to use them, and how to find the right fit for yourself!

What Are Essential Oils?

Miracle oil or a mambo jambo juice? Neither! Essential oils are simply and basically plant extracts that are distilled for their full, nutritious, nature-given properties.

These concentrated oils deliver wonderful scents and a plethora of health benefits that can transform moods, nourish the body and provide healing relief. Bottled relaxation at your fingertips!

How Are Essential Oils Extracted

We cold-press or steam-distill various parts of plants (flowers, barks, leaves or fruit) to get a concentrated batch of extracts, which we then bottle for you. Not all plants are created equal however, and some plants yield more extracts.

Did you know?
It takes up to 242,000 rose petals to distill a 5ml bottle of lovely rose oil! While a 5ml of zesty lemon oil takes just 25 lemons!

Gya Labs Essential Oils

Whether you’re looking for peace of mind, a place of focus, or newfound energy, our curated collection of essential oils has something for everyone.

Single Essential Oils

A diverse collection of natural oils for some self-love and self-care for your everyday.

Organic Essential Oils

Our organic essential oils are sourced from certified-organic farms that maintain strict rules against pesticide use and synthetic fertilizers. 100% Mother Nature-approved!

Essential Oil Blends

Beautiful things happen when 2 or more scents come together. Our essential oils are curated and blended to bring you complex and multifunctional benefits to cover your everyday needs.

How To Use Essential Oils?

Breathe them. Mist them. DIY them. One or two drops of these versatile elixirs can add new dimensions to your everyday life. Their uses are endless!

Diffuse And Transform A Room

Add a few drops into diffusers or candles to give the room a relaxing or health-boosting effect.

Use With Skin-Friendly Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are skin-nourishing and gentle oils used to carry super properties of Essential Oils into your skin, hair and person, for a lovely everyday experience.

Browse Our Gentle Carrier Oils

Blend Them Into DIY Products

Our essential oils can transform an experience, and can be used to elevate skincare and self-care products, home cleansers, bug repellants, candles and so on. Unleash your creativity.

On Pillows And Linens

Essential oils work wonders on your bed cloths, clothes and other fabrics. They allow you to fall right into relaxation, or carry energy along wherever you go.

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