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Best Natural Oils For Hair


If your hair is looking a little lackluster, there are plenty of non-chemical hair treatments to get the same results. Read on to restore your crowning glory the natural way with these natural oils.

Essential Oils For Daily Hair Concerns

Essential Oils For Dandruff

Nothing feels more annoying than worrying about white flakes. Luckily, there are plenty of oils to give your hair a good cleanse to stay dandruff-free.

Turmeric oil is a super-soothing essence that treats your hair to a comforting cleanse, while also hydrating your scalp to prevent it from becoming flaky. Tea tree oil is also a great choice to remove buildup, sebum and dead skin. Over time, its nourishing and cleansing ingredients improves scalp health and may result in thicker, stronger and shinier hair too.

Turmeric Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Essential Oils For Dry Scalp

For the ultimate in hair hydration, it’s time for a one-two punch of essential oils and conditioner. If you haven’t already, simply mix two scoops of your favorite conditioner with 2–3 drops of Manuka oil in an 8oz spray bottle. Then, shake it up and mist. It leaves your hair feeling gently moisturized and heals split ends for flawless hair.

Carrot seed oil is also a great choice for day-long hair protection. It smooths out frizz and protects your hair and scalp from UV damage and dryness for silky-soft waves that get you noticed.

Oregano Essential Oil

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Use natural oils for hair

Essential Oils For Oily Scalp

If you’re waking up with greasy hair, it can be extremely frustrating and the last thing you need to wake up fresh. It also feels uncomfortable to have to worry about your hair looking slick and damp while you’re out.

Patchouli oil can easily balance the oil production in your scalp and reduce the wet and greasy sensation of oily hair. Other oils like grapefruit can also nourish your scalp and prevent it from overproducing sebum. Plus, it leaves your hair smelling delicious with its citrusy goodness!

Patchouli Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Essential Oils For Hair Growth

Do you want a full, voluminous mane of hair? Natural hair oils can provide thick, lustrous locks. They also give your hair more strength while fighting frizz and split ends.

Some oils like rosemary oil have root-stimulating properties that encourage hair growth. Other oils like peppermint oil ensure your hair roots stay healthy for stronger locks and reduced hair loss for full, gorgeous waves you can flaunt without fear.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

How To Mix Essential Oils For Hair Care

Various natural oils can help strengthen your hair, yet keep them silky-soft and smooth. The right combination of carrier oils and essential oils can be mixed together to offer much-needed nourishment. Here are some essential oil blends to treat your hair:

DIY Scalp Soothing Treatment

DIY Scalp-Soothing Treatment

The combination of these soothing oils is great for comforting irritated scalps to encourage healthy hair growth

DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

DIY Deep-Conditioning Hair Treatment

Use this hair oil recipe as a weekly pampering hair mask to promote healthy and lustrous-looking hair.

DIY Clarifying Dandruff Remedy

DIY Clarifying Dandruff Remedy

Say goodbye to embarrassing flakes when you apply this clarifying remedy to restore balance to your scalp for improved hair health.

Recommended Hair Care Oils

We offer all-natural hair care products that are fit for all hair types. Check out our wide variety of hair-nourishing essential oils.

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