Radiating top notes of a sweet smelling and distinctive smell which is fresh, clear, minty, with hints of pine honey in its scent.




Natural healer of the skin, improve your breathing concentration power.

Known as the Tasmanian blue gum or “kino” in the local Aboriginal language, it forms part of the great “Bush Medicine” oral traditions and herbal heritage of the Aborigines. Their deep reverence for the natural order of things and honed knowledge of remedies from nature and their surroundings have long respected the Eucalyptus plant which is used in herbal treatment of burns, fevers and aches. A native of Australia, these evergreen plants that grow in the subtropical regions and form part of the natural diet for the Koalas are a pharmaceutical wonder. Cooling to the body, it helps promote smoother breathing, contains natural antiseptic properties and whips a great dose of goodness for better circulation, treating aches and infections.

Enjoy a dose of therapy and nature’s gift in a bottle of pure and potent Gya Labs™ Eucalyptus Hydrosol today.


A powerful boost to your wellbeing, it is excellent and gentle to the skin. Useful for wounds, cuts, burns - Eucalyptus is a natural immunity pharmaceutical wonder with antiseptic qualities that promotes healing naturally and protects against infection.

The sweet and fresh fragrance dispels odor and beats moulds away, helping you and your loved ones breathe easier and stay relaxed. It is great to use for spaces when you are feeling fluish or having a cold.

For better circulation, a more active lifestyle and improved concentration, the scent and antioxidant rich Eucalyptus helps keep you on top of the game and life.

Soothe your skin, keeping it moist and purified with its cooling and deodorizing qualities. Eucalyptus is traditionally used in soothing fevers, headaches and breathing issues. It soothes inflammation and eases aches, sprains and even insect bites.


Awaken to a refreshed and rejuvenated you - inhale in the sweet minty hints of the Eucalyptus as you breathe in relaxation before sleeping

Enjoy misting away after shower and let its delicate fragrance leave your body refreshed and your hair sweet-smelling and fragrant. Hair remains clean with an added guard against dandruff.

Keep grime and dirt away. Mist it onto your fabrics, furniture and surroundings and purify your space with nature’s anti-microbial scent.

After washing your hands, spray some Eucalyptus hydrosol to disinfect and protect against bites and soothe aches and sprains.