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Organic Pine Needle Oil

Organic Essential Oil
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Organic Pine Needle Oil
Organic Essential Oil
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Organic pine needle oil is a natural essential oil extracted from the needles of pine trees through steam distillation. This oil has a fresh, woody, and earthy aroma and is commonly used in aromatherapy.

  • Has properties that can help relieve muscle pain and stiffness when used in massage oils and balms.
  • Contains compounds that are toxic to insects and can be used as a natural insecticide to protect plants and crops.
  • Can be added to bath and body products such as soaps, lotions, and bath salts to provide a refreshing scent and promote relaxation.
  • Organic Pine Needle Oil can be used as an essential oil in aromatherapy.
  • Can be added to cleaning solutions to help disinfect and deodorize surfaces around the house.
  • Can be added to cleaning solutions to help disinfect and deodorize surfaces around the house.
  • Can be used to freshen up the air in a room, car or other spaces.
  • Has a fresh and invigorating scent that can help eliminate bad odors from clothing, shoes, and other items.
Main Constituents

Alpha terpineol, eugenol, linalool, anethole, caryophyllene and limonene.

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How To Use Organic Pine Needle oil

For all our pine lovers and beyond, the GyaLabs pine needle essential oil is the bottled essence of christmas and aroma. Here are a few ways you an explore with this aamzing essential oil:


Organic Pine Needle Oil Uses

Pine Needle Oil is derived from the Pine Needle Tree, which is most known for being the traditional Christmas tree. Ayurvedic and curative benefits abound in Pine Needle Essential Oil. We provide Premium Quality Pine Needle Oil, which is made entirely of natural materials. Our Pine Needle may be utilised in a range of cosmetics, skincare, and aromatherapy applications. Here are a few uses:

Organic Pine Needle oil Blends With

Organic Pine Needle oil Blends With

Organic pine needle essential oil blends well with thyme, eucalyptus, grapefruit, tea tree, bergamot, coriander, neroli, cypress, Ravensara, Clary sage, sandalwood and spikenard essential oils.

Organic Pine Needle Oil Extracted

Organic Pine Needle Oil Extracted

Pine oil is made through the steam distillation of stumps, needles, twigs, and cones from a number of pine species, especially Pinus sylvestris. Steam distillation, solvent extraction accompanied by steam distillation, or destructive distillation are used to extract pine oil from pitch-soaked pine wood, mostly Pinus palustris but also other Pinaceae species. Pine oil boils around 200°–220° C (390°–430° F).

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