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Spikenard Oil

Essential Oil
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Spikenard Oil
Essential Oil
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Spikenard essential oil is from the flowering plant Nardostachys jatamansi, which belongs to the valerian family. The oil from the plant has been used for ages in perfumery, religious ceremonies and traditional medicines. It is known by many names – nardin, nard, muskroot and spikenard.

  • Due to its calming and grounding properties, spikenard essential oil is often used in meditation practices.
  • The sweet and musky scent of spikenard essential oil makes it a great natural perfume ingredient.
  • Spikenard essential oil has a warm, earthy, and grounding aroma, which makes it a popular choice for use in aromatherapy.
  • Spikenard essential oil has natural insect-repelling properties and can be used to keep insects and pests away from your home or garden.
  • Spikenard essential oil has properties that make it a great natural cleaner.
  • Spikenard essential oil has a strong and long-lasting aroma, which makes it a great fixative for other perfumes or essential oils.
Main Constituents

The compounds in spikenard essential oil are jatamanshinic acid, calarene, nardol, aristolene, valeranone and nardostachone.

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How To Use Spikenard Essential oil

Spikenard essential oil is used in aromatherapy because of its therapeutic and natural aroma. It has a multitude of medicinal properties useful in preventing, treating and curing health issues. Some of its uses are mentioned below.


Spikenard Essential Oil Uses

Spikenard Essential oil Blends With

Spikenard Essential oil Blends With

Spikenard essential oil blends well with petitgrain, rose, myrrh, sage, frankincense and orange essential oils.

Spikenard Oil Extracted

Spikenard Oil Extracted

Steam distillation of the resin from the plant Nardostachys jatamansi yields the Spikenard essential oil.

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