Rose Bulgaria


Exuding an endearing sweet, fruity, minty, and citrusy scent hinted with nuances of dark, dusky wood notes, the scent of a Damask Rose sparks feelings of romance and evokes feminine beauty.




Beautifying, uplifting and healing, Roses are one of Nature’s exquisite gifts to humanity.

Selected from of the thousands of varieties of Roses today, Rosa damascena, grown on the dew-rich fertile slopes and valleys in Bulgaria is greatly desired and an enduring symbol of love, joy and abundant health. Such was its revered status that even the ancient Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra was a fan of this beauty elixir and regularly used pure rose water in her baths and facial beauty regime.

Indulge and relish in the fragrance and beautifying prowess of the delicate petals of the Bulgarian Roses, keeping your skin and romance overflowing with joy. Savour the experience of the Gya Labs™ Rose Hydrosol today.


For beautiful supple skin and healthy glowing hair, the Bulgarian Rose is a potent beautifying and anti-ageing agent. It stimulates production of collagen and helps retain skin and hair moisture.

Set fire to your passion and set the mood for romance and seduction with one of nature’s most subtle and uplifting aphrodisiac fragrances.

Cleanse and purify while filling your space with a sweet, gentle joyful ambience. Alongside this therapeutic experience is its potent antibacterial and antiviral properties that soothes the soul and promotes smooth breathing.


Unlock the secrets to beautiful, nourished looking skin. Mist it gently onto your face and skin or dab the solution softly onto your skin or as your daily skin toner. Let acne and tired looking skin fade away.

For smooth and delicate sweet-smelling hair and body, mix a little with your shampoo or blend while or after showering for a lingering sweet scent.

Enhance your mood for romance, love and joy in your life by spritzing it around to permeate your senses and heal your soul.

Heat up your romantic life in the room and mist it over your pillow, bed linens and sleeping areas or use it as a body deodorant to subtly attract sexual attention. Perfect for a moment of cuddles and intimacy.