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Cedarwood Essential Oil: Benefits & Its Many Uses

Overview Of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedars are said to provide protection, wisdom, and abundance, but today, cedarwood oil is a great source of beauty and wellness. A warm and woody oil, cedarwood has so much to offer! Continue reading to find out more about the benefits of this oil for your skin, hair, and health.

What Is Cedarwood Essential Oil?

There are four species of cedar trees, which are all timber evergreen conifers belonging to the plant genus known as Cedrus. Our cedarwood oil is extracted from Cedrus deodara, also known as the Himalayan cedar as it's native to the western Himalayas.

Among Hindus, it is worshipped as a divine tree and it is referred to in several Hindu legends. Meanwhile, in the Bible, cedars are often mentioned and symbolize a source of protection, wisdom, and abundance. When it comes to modern aromatherapy, cedarwood oil is largely recognized for its soothing and healing properties.

Cedarwood essential oil is steam distilled from the stems of the Himalayan cedar trees. This extraction method guarantees that the compounds which contribute largely to its amazing health benefits and its unmistakable woodsy, and pine-like aroma that is often used to relax the mind and spirit is harnessed in every bottle.

It has a woodsy aroma because cedarwood essential oil is extracted from the cedar wood of the tree. The components of cedarwood essential oil have therapeutic properties that protect the body.

Name Cedarwood Essential Oil
Botanical Name Cedrus atlantica/Cedrus libani/Cedrus doedara
Native to Morocco
Properties Diuretic, emmenagouge, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative, expectorant, tonic, anti-seborrheic, astringent, insecticidal
Main ingredients Aplha and beta – cedrene, widdrol, thujopsene, cedrol
Aroma Woody and slightly citrusy
Blends well with Bergamot, rosemary, Clary sage, thyme, vetiver, juniper, cinnamon, neroli, jasmine, rose, lime, benzoin and cypress essential oils
Category Earthy
Substitute Patchouli, vetiver and helichrysum essential oils

Cedarwood Essential Oil Benefits

Cedarwood has plenty of benefits, making it difficult to highlight just one. Here’s our list of curated benefits and popular uses for cedarwood oil.


It Soothes Eczema

Eczema is a skin disorder that causes dry, red, itchy skin that can blister or crack. Cedarwood essential oil can be used to soothe the unpleasant inflammation and dryness that comes with eczema. If you suffer from eczema, you can add a few drops to your body lotion and apply it on the infected or itchy area along with a carrier oil.


It Aids Hair Loss

There’s proof that applying cedarwood oil with thyme, rosemary, and lavender essential oils to the scalp promotes hair growth in up to 44% of people who suffer from hair loss after seven months of treatment. You can add cedarwood oil to your shampoo or conditioner or massage the oil into your scalp with a carrier oil like coconut oil and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing.


It Has Antiseptic Properties

A natural antiseptic, cedarwood oil can prevent the spread and growth of harmful microorganisms that can affect the skin. Therefore, it can be used topically with carrier oil to disinfect wounds. Simply mix cedarwood oil with carrier oil and apply it to cuts and scrapes to prevent infection.


It’s A Natural Deodorizer

Cedarwood essential oil is warming, comforting, and has a pleasant woody and pine-like aroma. Used at home, it works as a natural deodorizer to refresh the air. Diffusing cedarwood oil or adding it to a natural essential oil room/body spray can have long-lasting healing effects for you and your home.


It Can Relieve the Symptoms of Seborrhoeic Eczema

Malfunctioning sebaceous glands can cause several problems, Seborrhoea is one of it. It causes more secretion of sebum and also results in infection. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties that treat the infection and regulate the serum secretion. A case report published in 2016 in the Journal for Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that cedarwood oil could be used as a complementary treatment for acne. (1)


Prevents Infections On Topical Application

The antiseptic properties of the essential oil are useful in preventing infections and tetanus. It is a safe oil to use and can be mixed with creams and lotions as well. By preventing infection, cedarwood oil in a way boosts the immune power of the body. Using this oil helps lessen the burden on the immune system thus fortifying it. A study that aimed to find the antimicrobial activities of essential oils against Streptococcus mutans bacteria found that cedarwood is the second potent oil against this bacterium. The research was published in the Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice. (2)


Good Anti-inflammatory Properties

Research has been done on lab mice to ascertain the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil, which is made use of in mitigating the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism and joint problems. One drop of cedarwood oil may be mixed with a carrier oil and applied on joints.


Control Uncontrollable Spasms

Cedarwood has antispasmodic properties which can be used to curb the spasms in the respiratory, stomach and muscle systems. Benefits of cedarwood oil are known to relieve spasms occurring in the feet due to restless leg syndrome.


Overall Health Tonic

An oil is a tonic for the body if it boosts the functions of the body’s system. Cedarwood oil boosts the working of the liver, kidneys, stomach, muscles, skin, hair, and even the brain. Thus, it improves overall wellness. Even the scent of cedarwood essential oil helps organ functions.


It Holds the Hair Tight

Cedarwood oil is an astringent, which means that it tightens loose muscles and cells. It is applied on the scalp to tighten the hair; it is applied on the gums to tighten the teeth; and, it is applied on the stomach to stop diarrhea. Massaging the hair with a few drops of cedarwood essential oil twice a week will strengthen the hair follicle. Diluted cedarwood oil helps increase circulation to the scalp and contribute a great deal in stimulating hair follicles.


Causes The Body To Urinate

Being a diuretic, the oil promotes urination, which is prevents or treats several conditions including obesity, hypertension, arthritis and urinary tract infections. It removes acids and salts and detoxifies the body by increasing frequency of urination and prevents any damage to the digestive system.


Regulates Menstrual Cycle

Benefits of Cedarwood have been utilized by women to regulate their menstruation. It is an emmenagogue which not only causes menstruation, but also subdues the pain and discomfort during the periods.


It is Good During Cold and Cough

Colds, coughs, nasal and throat congestions can be eliminated with cedarwood. It loosens the phlegm, making it easier to eliminate it. Other symptoms of flu are also taken care of by using cedarwood oil. Apply the oil topically on chest and throat to prevent the development of respiratory ailments.


Repel Insects with Oil

This essential oil is used in vaporizers to drive away insects and bugs. A simple solution with cedarwood can be prepared at home and sprayed to drive away mosquitoes and bugs. The oil from red cedar is known to ward off moths. The larvicidal activity of cedarwood nanocapsules was evaluated against malaria vector and it was found that it is an easy way of controlling mosquitoes. The study was published in 2020. (3)


Oil For Sleep

Cedarwood oil is used in aromatherapy to ease a yo-yoing mind and soothe and calm the mind. It is thus diffused at night to induce sleep and promote the quality of sleep. A good night’s sleep promotes overall health. It is also good for people with stress and depression. Cedarwood oils include cedrol, an ingredient of the oil responsible for its sedative properties. The soothing and calming effect on the mind is good for the psyche. Another research on the anxiety behaviors in animal models.(3)


Cedarwood’s Antibacterial properties

These properties makes it a good ingredient in face and skin care. The oil can be used to remove biofilms and prevent acne. The Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants in its 2016 volume published a report that proves the antibacterial properties of cedarwood oil against several strains of bacteria. (4)

Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses

Though cedarwood oil isn't commonly known, it helps treat common skincare issues and support your self-care needs. Depending on how and where you use it, cedarwood oil can improve your skin condition and even support better sleep. Here are some great ways to utilize this wonderfully woodsy oil.

Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses For Skincare

It’s An Effective Skin Cleanser

If you’re looking to give your skin a gentle cleanse after a long day outside, cedarwood oil is your BFF. It packs powerful antiseptics that wash away dirt, grime, oil and other things in urban environments that clog up your skin.

To enjoy a good cleanse, dilute 1 drop of essential oil with a tablespoon of any skin-nourishing carrier oil like jojoba oil and apply it liberally onto your skin daily. Make sure to wash the blend off afterwards for clean and comfortable skin.

It Combats Acne

Cedarwood is also a powerful and natural acne remedy for your skincare woes. Research has shown that cedarwood was an effective way to control acne and naturally soothe irritated skin before flare-ups erupt. (5)

Cedarwood oil works best when added to moisturizers or lotions to complement your skincare needs. Regularly adding 4‒5 drops of it to a tablespoon of your favourite skincare product is enough to restore clearer skin after a few months of application.

Cedarwood Essential Oil For Aromatherapy

It Treats Insomnia

Cedarwood essential oil is a great choice if you find yourself constantly overthinking and rolling around before bedtime. Its calming scent has sedative effects on the mind, allowing you to fall into deeper sleep.

To catch up on your much-needed beauty sleep, diffuse 4‒5 drops of oil by your bedside and allow the aroma to bring you peaceful rest.

It Calms The Mind

Cedarwood is a deeply relaxing scent that can support your self-care routine. Its soothing properties make it an essential ingredient in many self-care and bath products.

To elevate your self-care routine, we recommend adding 4‒5 drops of cedarwood oil to your favourite bath oil and immersing yourself in a woody-scented bath. Alternatively, you can always use the aroma to calm your senses by adding a few drops to massage oils to enjoy a therapeutic rubdown.

How To Use Cedarwood Essential Oil

There are many ways to enjoy the health benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil. Here are some ways you can get the most out of it!

Cedarwood Essential Oil In An Aroma Diffuser

While you can inhale the scent of cedarwood oil straight from the bottle, diffusers can be helpful in dispersing essential oils into the air for round-the-clock inhalation. Here are some tips when using an aroma diffuser.

  1. Set it up according to the manufacturer's instructions
  2. Place it at least 2-feet above the ground to get the full benefits
  3. Fill the tank with filtered water to reduce mineral buildup and extend the life of your diffuser
  4. Don’t hold back! Most people add about 3 to 15 drops per 100ml of water
  5. Experiment and mix and match essential oils to create a unique scent
  6. Take time to play around with the diffuser settings to find a spray setting that suits you

Recipes with Cedarwood Essential Oil

Super Sleeper Blend


In Nature’s Lap


Evening Meditation


Safety With Cedarwood Essential Oil

Essential oils are great for self-care routines. However, we should also take care and caution when using them to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe! Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

  1. Read the label and instructions to make sure you’re using the oil correctly.
  2. Make sure to dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil for safe application.
  3. Avoid using essential oils for sensitive areas like the eyes and nose.
  4. Don’t apply it on broken skin unless it’s mentioned on the bottle or label.
  5. Keep it out of reach of kids and furkids.
  6. If you show signs of irritation such as itchiness, redness, or swelling- stop use and consult a health professional.
  7. Perform a patch test to check if the oil causes skin irritation.

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