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Carrier Oils 101: Everything To Know About
Our All-Natural Extracts

Overview of Carrier Oils

Curious about carrier oils? Read on about these skin-loving oils, how they’re made, how to use them, and how they can elevate your skincare routine.

What Are Carrier Oils?

Carrier oils are cold-pressed oils extracted from nutrient-rich plants. They’re often used to dilute essential oils to keep them from skin-safe, however they can also be used on their own.

Carrier oils have a range of skincare benefits. Some are highly moisturizing while other oils keep sensitive skin from breaking out, and there are also carrier oils which nourish the hair and scalp for gorgeous waves.

How Are Carrier Oils Extracted

Carrier oils are sourced from nuts, seeds or whole fruits. They are carefully cold-pressed to yield fatty acids, trace vitamins and acids that benefit you. For instance, jojoba carrier oil is rich in moisturizing Vitamin E, making it a luxuriously hydrating oil that also protects your skin.

Gya Labs Carrier Oils

Our carrier oils are extracted from super-nourishing plants for any routine. Use them to dilute your essential oils, elevate your skincare and get naturally healthy hair!

Single Essential Oils

Skin-nourishing & gentle oils to carry the super properties of Essential Oils into your skin, for a lovely everyday experience

Best Carrier Oils For Dry Skin

Time to give dry skin some love! Our carrier oils are packed with dewy goodness that keeps your skin glowing, hydrated and calm all day long.

Best Natural Oils For Hair

Trust mother nature for all your hair care needs! Crafted from all-natural ingredients, our carrier oils fight dandruff, strengthen roots and volumize locks for the healthy head of hair you deserve.

How To Use Carrier Oils?

Whether blended into other products or used alone, these carrier oils are versatile and packed with benefits to do the most for your skin and hair.

How To Mix Carrier Oils With Essential Oils

Getting the perfect blend of carrier oils and essential oils is a fine art with varying dilution rates, but a simple rule of thumb is to mix one tablespoon of carrier oil with every drop of essential oil. For more sensitive skin, increase the carrier oil amount to further dilute the essential oils.

Keep Your Essential Oils Safe For Skin

Carrier oils are gentle oils used to carry super properties of Essential Oils into your skin, hair and person. For every drop of essential oil, dilute it with one tablespoon of carrier oil.

Make Them A Hair Care Essential

Nourish your hair by massaging 2–3 tablespoons of carrot seed oil into your scalp. You can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to enjoy bonus hair care benefits.

Blend Them Into DIY Body Care Products

Renew your skin by adding 2–3 tablespoons of carrier oils into scrubs and body lotions to elevate your body care ritual.

Carrier Oils For Daily Concerns

Argan Oil For Hair

Known as “liquid gold”, this Morroccan carrier oil revives brittle hair. The cold-pressed argan oil delivers deep and lasting hydration to dry roots for good hair days.

Jojoba oil for Dry Skin

Frustrated with chapped skin? Super-hydrating for dry skin, jojoba carrier oil absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling calm and happy all day.

Castor Oil For Eyelashes

For a bold look that captures attention, root-nourishing castor oil volumizes lashes and brows for an alluring gaze.

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