Organic Lavender


Radiating an aroma of middle to top notes with herbaceous, light and clear refreshing with traces of balsamic woody backnotes and a lingering sweetness.



Organic Lavender

Evoking serenity, deeply relaxing with potent healing properties.

With more than 2500 years of man-made history, Lavender is considered as one of the ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind. The elegant Lavandula angustifolia boasts its aromatic blossoming odor of calming, luscious and slightly fruit aroma which gently washes away your anxiety and return your inner self to eternal calmness. Harvested and homegrown in the graceful hills of Bulgaria valleys, ancient Romans and Carthaginians used to steep the floral essence into their bath water as it’s deemed to bestow tranquility unto one’s mind and body. Symbolizing cleanliness and purity, the lilac buds were commonly paired with scented Rose Geranium blooms in fragrant sachets by local herbalists for cleansing properties as well as utilized for artisanal door gifts in traditional weddings.

Indulge and savour in the ultimate experience of Nature’s healing and pamper with Gya Labs™ Organic Lavender Essential Oil today.


Rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, Lavender grants natural protection to your immune system which prevents oxidative damage due to free radicals.

The gentle Lavender acts as a natural sedative, easing menstrual cramps and mood swings which supports fellow women with a safe haven of much comfort with pain relief.

Naturally soothing, Lavender alleviates migraine and chase away stressful thoughts for a peaceful night’s sleep with its nerve-calming floral scent.

Preserving your skin with a healthy, youthful glow, Lavender revitalizes dry skin with its supple moisturizing effects, soothing skin irritations such as redness and rashes.


For soft, velvety skin and healthy hair, add a few drops of Lavender as a deeply moisturizing and beautifying agent in your skincare routine and shampoos.

After a long day of stressful work and crowded with negative emotions, a few deep breaths of diffused Lavender would uplift your melancholic spirits and elevates your mood with much joy.

Mix a few drops of Lavender essential oil with its close floral roots such as Chamomile and Ylang Ylang would bestow great relief for muscle sores and aches during your massage remedy.

Yearning for a clean, refreshing ambience? Try diluting Lavender with purified water to be used as a soothing mist on bed linens and rooms to evoke a surrounding aura of serenity.