Gya Labs™ Retinol Serum, there’s nothing else like this ageless beauty elixir with amazing nutrients bestowed by Mother Nature for your skin to savor on.



Retinol Serum

Gya Labs™ Retinol Serum is a vigorous extract with an amazing blend of natural ingredients at its best traits provided by Mother Nature, brimming with amazing benefits that would leave your skin in awe with its enhancing qualities.

At Gya Labs, we pride ourselves in our extraction technology to ensure the natural benefits of the ingredients in our products are preserved as close as possible, reassuring its quality. The Solagum AX harvested from the exudate tree gums of sustainable acacia senegal forest in Africa are ECOCERT-certified and meticulously hand-picked by local farmers of the nation. This ingredient coalesces well with SC-Glucan that is extractable mainly from the Schizophyllum commune, also known as the split gill fungus mushroom native to the Brazil lands. The particular combination energizes your skin epidermis which promotes cellular regeneration, granting your skin a smooth and velvety texture with immune boosting properties.

On a side note, golden wheat which flourishes in France’s vast rustic paddy fields are nourished with the Sun’s warmth all-year-long, allowing pure extracts of Ceramosides HP to be derived from the grains. This natural extract boosts the serum’s ability to refine pores and deliver sufficient moisture to the deep layers of skin efficiently. Upon fusing with Bio-Sodium Hyaluronate Powder; it stimulates and enhances the synthesis of hyaluronate acid, resulting in greater skin elasticity and glowing, youth-preserving skin for a confident appearance.

What differentiates Gya Labs™ Retinol Serum among all the other brands in the market is our improvised and unique formulation that truly embodies the essence of Nature itself. With the addition of Oligogeline® SPE derived from Chondrus Crispus algae which grows in abundance at the rocky parts of Atlantic coast in Europe and North America; the serum is capable of granting a “Second Skin” effect, forming a translucent film that retains water moisture thus contributing to silky soft and comfortable skin. Complemented by RETINOL Molecular Film Fluid which acts as a potent antioxidant ingredient; the serum safeguards your skin cells from oxidative stress, preventing fine lines and wrinkles due to aged skin whilst illuminates your skin tone by lightening dark spots and acne scars.

Furthermore, the serum’s rejuvenating properties is intensified with Gya Labs special blend of naturally-derived ingredients. Extracted from the rosary pink petal blooms of Pelargonium roseum with seductive fragrance cultivated in rich soil of South Africa provinces, the steam-distilled Rose Geranium Essential Oil energizes and restores former radiance to distressed skin. Combined with the effects of Rice Ferment Filtrate which are extracted from the classic rice sake of Japan made with Oriental rice wheat, the natural active enzymes boosts the serum’s capability to maintain water moisture and revitalize uneven skin tones and surfaces of your skin.


Promotes synthesis of hyaluronic acid for anti-aging and better skin elasticity

Enhances cellular regeneration of your skin for a youthful and confident appearance

Brightens and restore aged skin back to it’s authentic, healthy state

Defends your skin from oxidative stress and retains water moisture


After cleansing and toning steps, apply a few drops of Gya Labs™ Retinol Serum and gently massage into your skin. For best results, repeat the routine daily in the morning and evening.