Pine Needle


Exuding coniferous fragrances akin to the freshness of a temperate forest of piney odor, it is of middle notes of sweet, refreshing and sharp aroma.



Pine Needle

Powerfully energizing, as it restores balance and detoxifies naturally

The cold temperate coniferous forests of Europe are home to the Pine tree, rich in its characteristic terpenes which lend it its unmistakeable refreshing aroma that fills any space with festive joy. Pine has been used for ages by many traditional communities including the Egyptians, Romans and even the North American Indian tribes who understood nature’s healing capabilities where it was both medicine and as a form of cleansing incense. A beautiful oil for your senses and wellbeing, Pine is a favourite aroma that reminds you of the scent of freshly-cut pine trees.

Exquisite as a gift to your loved ones and yourself, experience the natural concentrated goodness of the Pine with a bottle of the Gya Labs™ Pine Needles Essential Oil today.


A remarkable mood uplifting fragrance - Pine essential oil helps build concentration and soothes your soul.

Rich in natural antioxidants, it has deep cleansing properties as a natural antiseptic and keeps your space and surroundings purified, refreshed and free of infection-causing pathogens.

Packed with antioxidants and organic compounds, Pine essential oil supports your wellbeing and immunity. Traditionally, Pine is useful for coughs and asthma as it gently calms the spirit.

As a natural air purifier, Pine Needles gives off a fragrance that evokes the joy of festivities and reminds one of the freshness and stillness of a sacred forest.

The pine trees is a survivor in cold barren environments and grows green and fragrant leaves. Harness the energy and revitalizing properties of the Pine tree as it boosts vitality and nourishes your beauty.


Infused with natural anti-inflammatory effects and phytonutrients, use a few drops with your facial wash and welcome a more radiant skin texture and feel!

Set the tones for a beautiful restful evening with the fresh fragrance and intoxicating aroma of the Pine Needles with the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser.

For a stressful body, nothing beats a good massage with your therapist. Experience this essential oil in a massage session as you exhale away stress and your body aches away.

Enjoy the relaxing fragrance in your shower and facial cleansing ritual, as you look forward to a luxurious beauty experience that leaves you fresh naturally.

For beautiful lush hair, add in a drop or two into your shampoo as it cleanses and rekindles a sense of relaxation.

Try breathing in this emotionally therapeutic oil and fight away feelings of Monday blues and sluggishness. Have we also shared that while doing this, it delivers a surrounding that is clean and fights away unseen microbes with its cleansing effects. You can also apply it into your cleaning agents for the same household therapy.