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Essential Oil
Thuja Oil
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Thuja Oil
Essential Oil

A fresh, woodsy body-booster thuja essential oil and remedy that’s known to improve skin health and strengthen bodily health—inside and out.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes skin health
  • Antibacterial
  • Relieves joint aches

Scent Profile
Woodsy & camphorous

About This Product
About This Product Image

Thuja Essential Oil

A coniferous tree native to eastern Canada, Thuja has become very popular across the world as an ornamental garden tree. The leaves, bark, and branches are used to produce remedies for cough and fevers.

This fresh, woodsy body-boosting oil possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties to support overall health. When diffused, it aids in cleansing and purifying air. However, it can be used topically to treat skin tags and infections, and relieves bodily aches.

Key Benefits

  • Boosts skin health
  • Treats skin infections (warts, tags, etc)
  • Antibacterial & antiviral
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Relieves joint pains

Scent Profile
Woodsy & camphorous

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What's Inside
Key Ingredients



Promote skin healing, easier breathing and relieve joint aches

Family Name

Thuja Occidentalis

Country of Origin


Extracted From

Thuja Leaves & Branches

Extracting Method

Steam distillation

How To Use
Aroma Diffuser

Add 2-3 drops into diffusers to purify air, cleanse breathing & relieve headaches.


Dilute For Topical Use 

Dilute with skin-friendly carrier oils & gently massage to moisturize & carry nourishing benefits into skin or hair.


Pillows & Linens

Add a few drops onto bed to enjoy peace-bringing & health-boosting benefits overnight.

Frequently Asked Questions
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