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Lavender Oil

Essential Oil
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Lavender Oil
Essential Oil
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Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular and ancient essential oils. In Latin, lavender is called lavare, which means to wash. Lavender water and oil have been used to wash and purify the body by the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks for a long time. Lavender oil is extracted from the purple plant Lavandula angustifolia.

  • Lavender oil has a fresh, floral scent that can be used to freshen up a room.
  • Add a few drops of lavender oil to your laundry detergent or dryer sheets to add a pleasant scent to your clothes.
  • Known for its soothing properties and can be used in skin care products like lotions, soaps, and body washes.
  • Makes you feel relaxed.
  • It is used in the making of baked goods and beverages.
  • Its benefits make it a useful ingredient in manufacturing soaps, creams, ointments and baby products.
Main Constituents

Linalool, linalyl acetate, myrcene, camphor, 1, 8-cineole and trans-ocimene.

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How To Use Lavender Essential oil

The most common essential oil, lavender is known for the heaps of benefits and functions it has. Listed below are a few to try:


Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Lavender is a versatile culinary plant that also generates a potent essential oil with several medicinal properties. Our Lavender Essential Oil is pure and undiluted, derived from high-quality lavenders. Here are several examples:

Lavender Essential oil Blends With

Lavender Essential oil Blends With

Lavender essential oil blends well with orange, geranium, cedarwood, tangerine, neroli, vetiver, ylang ylang, mandarin, Clary sage, patchouli, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.

Lavender Oil Extracted

Lavender Oil Extracted

Steam distillation of the flowers of Lavandula angustifolia is used as the extraction method for lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil is made by steam distilling fresh or partially dried lavender leaves. Because polar compound loss is reduced, this process yields more oil than previous procedures. Lavender blossoms are usually harvested around June. Lavender blossoms are pressed together in a still.

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